Getting the most from your income

Working onboard ships has great benefits. Not least, the tax breaks. We can help you make the most of these, whilst making sure you are within your responsibilities.

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Being based in a seafaring city, our experience is second-to-none. Let us help you.

Self Assessment

They leave it to you and then fine you if you get it wrong. We can help.

Seafarers Tax

Spending most of your time at sea? Due a refund? We can help.

Understanding Your Tax Calculation

It ought to be simpler, didn't it?! We can explain it all to you.

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Expert advice & information

Free advice is plentiful these days – and if you know exactly what you need to know (and you know when you’ve found it – and not been led up the garden path), then it’s great. But that still leaves the ‘unknown unknowns’ – and with tax legislation forever changing, the only way to fully understand it is to handle it day after day after day. Which is what we do. So don’t risk it – speak to a professional – speak to us.

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