Renting or Selling Property

Making your money work for you

In recent years, making money from property has been child’s play – but it can only get tougher from here – recent changes in the tax and stamp duty laws have laid traps for the unwary. We are here to help.

How we can help

We’ve been helping buy-to-let investors since before the term was first coined in the 1990s – we’ve advised on yield, leverage and all the other terms that investors need to consider. And we prepare letting accounts and capital gains calculations – in all cases claiming the maximum allowances to minimise tax.

Rental Accounts

Some expenses can be claimed, others can't. We can help.

Explaining your Tax Code

Your basic tax allowances all in one place - or so it should be...

Inheritance Tax Advice

You can't take it with you - but a bit of planning can keep it from the Tax Man.

Capital Gains Tax

CGT remains a minefield, with various reliefs available. We can help

Advice for Higher Rate Tax Payers

No one likes paying tax at 40% or 45% - tax planning is vital

Understanding Your Tax Calculation

It ought to be simpler, didn't it?! We can explain it all to you.

Bookkeeping System Advice

Keep it simple. We know how.

Finance proposals

We know how to present your plans in the best light

Self Assessment

They leave it to you and then fine you if you get it wrong. We can help.

Claiming tax relief on expenses

What Expenses Can I Claim? We know all the answers.

More services

See what else we are able to offer our clients. View all services.

Expert advice & information

Free advice is plentiful these days – and if you know exactly what you need to know (and you know when you’ve found it – and not been led up the garden path), then it’s great. But that still leaves the ‘unknown unknowns’ – and with tax legislation forever changing, the only way to fully understand it is to do it day after day after day. Which is what we do. So don’t risk it – speak to a professional – speak to us.

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